So what is being an angler all about? Here is a question. Does the glint of water easily catch your eye and do you look back to check if someone is fishing… yes?

Can you spend hours with your gear, preparing, tying and planning…yes? And finally; you know why you go fishing and what you get out of catching; it’s the thrill, the buzz, that excitement when connected to the fish, but explaining it to others is almost impossible… yes?

At Daiwa we understand all this. We turn our heads at the sign of water, are happiest when surrounded by kit and totally get that feeling when attached to a fighting fish.

Sharing that passion combined with over 30 years of making top quality equipment for you, has seen angling become a way of life for us. Daiwa has been involved with The Kingfisher since the outset. The Kingfisher is the exclusive distributor of Daiwa products in Southern Africa and together the two companies have developed rods, reels and equipment that have suited the ever changing market here. This has been a great partnership and continues to evolve in producing top quality products for the Southern African market.

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